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333 Wellington Zoo

Motive has developed an internet communication strategy with Wellington Zoo to take its ecological message to local schools and an international audience.

A community focus

Established in 1905, the Wellington Zoo has long been a focus for community activities.

Over the past decade an ambitious redesign of enclosures and facilities, dubbed ‘from bars to branches’, has resulted in a modern attraction that is a far cry from the concrete and steel of its Victorian forebear.

It is hoped that the proposed website will reintroduce the zoo to the greater community—those who have yet to experience the new approach for themselves.

With this in mind, Motive’s strategy identifies likely communities-of-interest; from associations made through the Zoo School to tertiary education providers and the international conservation community.

Key values: conservation, education, recreation

The communication strategy focuses on supporting the zoo’s key values

Wellington Zoo lion enclosure circa 1906

From bars… (Victorian-style lion enclosure circa 1906)

Map showing proposed changes to the zoo environment

…to branches: redevelopment of the zoo environment is currently underway

An information ecosystem

“Planning for a website was a huge learning curve for me. I was impressed first with the efforts made to get to the ‘heart’ of the Zoo … [to] portray it as it is now, and hopes to be in the future.”
Jean Pugh, Education Manager

Motive worked with zoo staff to develop an approach tailored to the organisation’s aims.

‘It was a valuable opportunity to explore ideas and aspirations so they can be given a tangible form,’ says Jean Pugh the zoo’s education manager.

‘We see the site as supporting and extending the visitor experience,’ says Andy Kirkwood, who lead the project. ‘Rather than attempt to re-create the experience, the strategy focuses on the key themes of ecology and education.’

From awareness to action

The Zoo is also keen to use its position to direct the public to local conservation activities.

The strategy includes recommendations that promotional efforts be coordinated with related ecological protection organisations such as Penguin Rescue and Otari (Botanic) Reserve as a means of affecting change.

The new Wellington Zoo website is now online. (Please note that website was not designed by Motive.)

Case notes

Mar-May 2000
Wellington Zoo School

Services rendered