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334 The Journal Search interface

Motive has designed the interface to Learning Media's Journal Search 2000 Plus: a CD-ROM based application enabling teachers and students to search the New Zealand School Journal catalogue.

Motive worked with software developers Moonlight Publishers and Watermark Illustration to create a new look for the 2000 update.

Along with the new interface, this release of the product introduces features requested by users of the earlier version:

Character building

Key to the new interface is the character that leads the user through the application.

‘The pukeko serves a number of purposes,’ explains Andy Kirkwood, creative director. ‘It’s a way-finding aid and also encourages a younger audience to use the application—the character gives the search process a ‘human face’.’

Pipi the pukeko

Pipi (the pukeko) gives the Journal Search a ‘human face’


Screen designs allow for a ranges of monitor sizes and operating systems

Journal Search 2000 CD-ROM packaging

Interface treatment carried through to the packaging design

a safe environment for exploring ICT concepts

Kirkwood drew on his experience with new media in education for this project,‘It’s important to keep the needs of your audience in mind.’

While primarily a tool for teachers, the application also supports new curriculum topics—providing a ‘safe’ environment for discussion of information communication technology (ICT) concepts.

Journal Search 2000 Plus was released June 2000.

Case notes

The Journal Search interface

Jan–Apr 2000
Learning Media
Moonlight Publishers
Susan McElroy (Watermark)

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