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Motive has worked with Fulbright New Zealand to create a valuable resource for Kiwis wanting to study in the US.

Fulbright New Zealand (previously the New Zealand-United States Education Foundation) is an organisation that has fostered cultural exchange between New Zealand and the United States for over 50 years. The organisation administers a range of education awards and provides advising services and resources.

‘The challenge was to make the website relevant to both people seeking specific information, and those unfamiliar with the US academic environment,’ explains Justine Flanagan, producer for the project.

Fulbright New Zealand homepage

The homepage provides access to key content areas and helps to introduce the organisation

Award recipient quotation

Photos and quotations from award recipients personalise application process information

Fulbright Quarterly newletter

The organisation’s newsletter Fulbright Quarterly is distributed via the website

Cultural supports

Motive worked closely with the Fulbright team on the website design; from needs analysis to design and production.

Motive [took] an active interest in what we do… before we even hired them

‘Motive was the first company to take an active interest in what we do here at Fulbright. They took the time to learn about our organisation… before we even hired them for the job.’ says Matt Huntington, Fulbright’s Education Manager.

Motive take a ‘human’ approach to the development process.

‘A website should reflect the culture it supports,’ says Andy Kirkwood, creative director. ‘As well as discussions with staff, we met with US grantees and attended an orientation for NZ award recipients about to head to the US during the needs analysis phase of the project.’

Since launch in January 2001, the Fulbright New Zealand website has been revised and extended, including refinement of the site structure and design in 2003.

Case notes

Feb 2000—Jan 2001 (Phase 1)
Fulbright New Zealand

Services rendered