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343 Ministry of Economic Development rebrand

Having secured the contract to rebrand the New Zealand government’s Ministry of Commerce, Capiche were keen to see the new brand reflected in the organisation’s web presence.

Taking a brand from paper to pixels requires attention to both form and function. Motive worked with Capiche to bring the new Ministry of Economic Development (MED) brand online.

The benefits of collaboration

Motive worked with the brand guardians to create the new homepage and sub-page HTML templates to be used by the ministry’s information unit.

‘Working collaboratively allows us to play to our respective strengths,’ explains Andy Kirkwood. ‘As brand guardians, Capiche directed the overall look, while we focused on making the design work for the web.’

The project included templates, scripting and site structure for the ministry’s main brand, along with sub-brand translation for Radio Spectrum Management and Crown Minerals.

MED homepage design

The Ministry of Economic Development homepage

Details Link to the Crown Minerals website Link to the Radio Spectrum Management website

Sub-brand translations for Radio Spectrum Management (left) and Crown Minerals


Motive is also working with Crown Minerals on the development of their new website (artist’s impression)

Support and training

Motive provided hands-on training for MED staff on graphic templates and site maintenance tasks.

‘Providing training enables staff to more effectively maintain information structures. Thus ensuring the long term success of the site,’ says Kirkwood.

The results of this project can be viewed at the Ministry of Economic Development website and subsidiary business unit sites for Crown Minerals and Radio Spectrum Management. Please note: The MED templates were completed prior to the formal acceptance of the (then draft) New Zealand e-Government Web Guidelines.

Case notes

May–Aug 2000
Capiche / Ministry of Economic Development

Services rendered