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344 Small Change

Small Change is the comic tale of two Kiwi flatmates and their epic quest…for breakfast.

Digital video

The production was shot on miniDV over a four week period and edited using Adobe Premiere on a DV iMac.

‘Motive was a crucial component for the technical execution. The learning curve for us was huge,’ says du pont. ‘Fortunately, we were able to rely on Motive’s expertise to facilitate credits, editing―virtually anything digital.’

Coco and Bobo

Coco (Irene Flanagan) and Bobo (Jonathan Duffy) near their goal…

Credit design

Motive provided technical support for designer du Pont’s title sequence and end credits

Small Change website screen design

Web-casting: the Small Change website

Reaching a wider audience

The web allows you to reach a global audience…

Livid Productions saw the benefit of broadcasting their work on the web early on. ‘The web allows you to reach a global audience,’ says du Pont. ‘Almost instantly you have a community venue for your work unlike any other. It’s exhilarating.’

‘The Motive team worked with the advantages of the web,’ adds Flanagan, ‘both supporting and promoting the film.’

Motive compressed the finished short for web delivery and designed the supporting website with film trailer and web-friendly credits.

‘The credits were getting a little hard to read in the web version of the film,’ admits Andy Kirkwood, who oversaw the process. ‘and Livid were keen to acknowledge those involved in the project.’

The film premiered at the 2000 Wellington Fringe Film Festival. The Small Change website, including trailer and feature, can be viewed at: Director Justine Flanagan has subsequently joined the Motive team and now heads up Suspect Productions.

Case notes

Apr–May 2000
Livid Productions

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