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Motive worked with government agency Industry New Zealand to develop an interim website and intranet. These tools are helping the organisation to champion business growth.

‘This was really two separate projects,’ explains Justine Flanagan, Motive’s producer. ‘A website can be used to provide information or service to the public, whereas an intranet is more of an internal management tool.’

Support for business and industry

The Industry NZ website demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to using information technologies as part of its strategy to deliver on the government’s promise of business growth. The website provides information on the organisation, its role and initiatives, including funding schemes, mentor, and support services.

Motive worked with brand designers Adams Design Group to develop the website’s clean, fresh look.

Industry New Zealand homepage

Industry New Zealand homepage: a commitment to using information technologies to support business growth

Industry New Zealand intranet screens

GRIN: The GReat Industry New Zealand INtranet homepage and subpage

GRIN emoticon

The GRIN emoticon: intranet design can help create a positive corporate culture

Creating a corporate culture

The intranet provided an opportunity to migrate paper-based information on the organisation’s day-to-day management to an accessible and maintenance-friendly framework.

an intranet may be the first thing an employee will see each morning…

‘The thing to remember is that an intranet may be the first thing an employee will see each morning… so we wanted to give the design personality,’ explains Andy Kirkwood, Motive’s creative director.

The result? The Great Industry New Zealand Intranet (GRIN for short).

Hands-on hand over

a website or intranet is never ‘finished’…

Motive created comprehensive documentation and provided hands-on training for maintenance staff.

‘A website or intranet is never ‘finished’,’ says Kirkwood. ‘We help staff understand the structure, so that they can add to or modify it over time.’

The interim Industry New Zealand website was retired in June 2002, and closely followed by the incorporation of Industry New Zealand into New Zealand Trade and Enterprise.

Case notes

Industry New Zealand

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Aug–Nov 2000
Industry New Zealand
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