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359 Sticklers Wood

A lyrical multimedia project, Sticklers Wood explores the darker side of the Kiwi summer camping experience.

The inspiration

‘We were looking for something to give our clients for Christmas,’ explains producer Justine Flanagan. ‘We wanted to avoid the cliché of red suits and reindeer.’

there’s a darker side to the New Zealand summer…

‘Along with BBQs and bushwalks, there’s a darker side to the New Zealand summer,’ adds Andy Kirkwood, the project’s creative director. ‘Paddocks are turned into camping grounds overnight—all I’m saying, is that some of them have a history. We were also inspired by The Scarecrow, a New Zealand film adapted from the Ron Hugh Morrieson novel.’

The collaboration

Motive initially commissioned Wellington artist, Mike Heynes, to produce a series of limited edition prints. ‘We have a number of Mike’s prints in our studio…they take you on a journey,’ says Flanagan.

Heynes took the basic concept and worked up storyboards, designed and built the set and cast the production.

‘Working with Motive was a way of combining a number of ideas I had been experimenting with,’ says Heynes of the experience. ‘We worked back from the stills, that captured the atmosphere of the set, to the animation itself.’

‘It was great to have a sounding board during the production; I could bounce ideas off [Motive] and look at ways of using different media.’


The Hoons: limited edition print


The Sticklers Wood website: an episodic stop-motion animation extravaganza


The prints featured an artist’s card mounted on the reverse

A web production

Working with Heynes provided Motive with an opportunity to showcase the skills of its creative content division, Suspect Productions. From the original series of limited edition prints, the project expanded to incorporate a serial stop-motion animation, distribution website and media promotion.

The animation was released over the 2000–2001 Christmas–New Year period, with a series of six limited edition prints and artist’s card.

You’re welcome to visit Sticklers Wood (where it’s always summer) but, please shut the gate… (requires QuickTime plug-in)

Case notes

Oct–Dec 2000
Mike Heynes (Action Packed Films)

Services rendered