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362 R.O.A.D.

Motive has lent its support to the production of a single-take feature from Wellington company Road Rage Films.

A road movie—with a twist

R.O.A.D. follows the misadventures of aspiring actor Ralph (David Oxenbridge) as he tries to win the confidence of Vincent (P J Sisson), a seedy, would-be producer.

a feature-length film in a single take

The approach taken to production sets this project apart: six months of preparation, culminating in a single take. For over an hour, the camera focuses on the lead actors as they traversed inner-city Wellington.

‘It’s a totally new departure in New Zealand film,’ says co-writer/actor, Oxenbridge.

A supporting role

a discrete and professional approach

Motive was on location interviewing cast and crew, and documenting the shoot. Photographs taken during filming have subsequently been used to promote the film and secure post-production funding.

‘The team at Motive have a discreet and professional approach to collecting source material,’ says co-writer/director, David M Potts. ‘They were invaluable when it came to visual and audio resources for promotional material.’

The script

For a one-take film, the script is just a starting-point…

David Oxenbridge, David M Potts and Dan Rabarts

From left: David Oxenbridge (Ralph), David M Potts (director) and Dan Rabarts do a spot of trouble-shooting…

Dorothy-Anne Bonner in make-up

The production benefited from the support of an expert crew: Mum (Dorothy-Anne Bonner) is made-up for the shoot

‘We are keen to support projects of this nature,’ says Justine Flanagan, who heads up Motive’s creative content division, Suspect Productions. ‘We can provide production and marketing support, and the web is an economic means for first-time filmmakers to gain exposure.’

Despite the best efforts of the producers, R.O.A.D. was unable to secure general release (due to censorship issues).

Case notes

Feb–Mar 2001
Road Rage Films

Services rendered