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363 Seaworks

Motive have teamed up with Adams Design Group to produce a Flash introduction to the Seaworks website.


The animation introduces the marine engineering company by way of its mission statement.

‘Marine excellence and client satisfaction from innovative people’

Adams Design Group created a storyboard for the sequence, layering type over a marine backdrop. This was then animated by Motive.

Seaworks mission statement

The introduction reveals the company’s mission statement

Waves (detail)

The animation changes over times as the waves move in and out of the sequence

Seaworks vessel

Seaworks operate a range of specialist vessels and crews for coastal and offshore work

Making more than an impression

[adding] a dynamic dimension

The mission statement is delivered in three parts. Each part is introduced to the screen and then fades back to build up the final statement. The animation is accompanied by the sound of crashing waves.

‘Flash components add a dynamic dimension to a website,’ says Andy Kirkwood, who oversaw production. ‘You can also create engaging sales tools—turning a visitor into a potential client.’

View Seaworks introduction (requires Flash plug-in ).

Case notes

Feb–Mar 2001
Art direction
Adams Design Group

Services rendered