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The Study UK/USA information tours are a combined initiative of Fulbright New Zealand, The British Council and STA Travel. The Study Abroad website provides information for university and high school students.

A simple solution

Students were directed to the website by eye-catching posters designed by Wellington company Totem Design.

a good example of consistent cross-media promotion

‘This is a good example of consistent cross-media promotion,’ says Andy Kirkwood, Motive’s lead designer on the project. ‘The posters direct students to the website that provides information on the sessions, as well as a registration form.’

The website also includes a session timetable, information on special airfares and education advisers’ contact details.


The Study Abroad homepage (detail)


The website mirrors promotional posters


The website includes a PDF registration form

The Study Abroad seminars were replaced with the Fulbright New Zealand Study in the US initiative in 2005.

Case notes

Study Abroad

No longer online
Apr–May 2001
Fulbright New Zealand

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