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388 The Aro St. Video Shop

The Aro St. Video Shop first took to the web in the mid-90s, but an ever-expanding catalogue and the demands of a web-savvy audience led them to review their website.

New Zealand’s leading film library

The Aro St. Video Shop is New Zealand’s leading independent video and DVD rental and sales library. They aim to satisfy the particular tastes of cinephiles; independent features, cult titles, documentaries and the best of foreign film.

Arovideo Online ‘Redux’

Since the original website launch in 1997, customer expectations have increased and internet technologies have progressed. Revision of the website (dubbed ‘Arovideo Redux’) included:

Arovideo Online homepage

Arovideo Online homepage (detail): showcasing the best in film

Film template

Film template: each title is accorded respect, from cult favourite to Hollywood classic

Arovideo Online logo

Arovideo Online logo: custom type design adds a finishing touch

Feast your eyes

Each film is presented as a luxury item…

‘With the visual design, the aim was to activate the reviews and recommendations staff have made over the past decade,’ says Andy Kirkwood, Motive’s lead designer on the project. ‘Each film is presented as a luxury item, be it a cult favourite or Hollywood classic.’

Along with the website look-and-feel, Motive has extended the Arovideo identity system with custom logotype design and an update of the Aro St. Video Shop iconography.

Arovideo Online Redux was launched in July 2003 (to coincide with the Wellington Film Festival). Development continues…

Case notes

The Aro St. Video Shop

Jan 2002–July 2003
(Phase 1)
The Aro St. Video Shop

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