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alternative (alt) text, [alt tag]

The alternative text (alt) attribute provides a text-only description of an image.

Using the image for the Motive logo as an example:

<img src="/img/logo.gif" alt="Motive logo" /> \_alt text_/ \__alt attribute__/ \_________________image element______________/

If this webpage were viewed without images, then the Motive logo image (top left) would be replaced with the text: Motive logo.

How alt text is used

The alt attribute value (alt text):

What ‘problem’ does alt text solve?

Although a person can recognise an image on a webpage as ‘a coffee cup’, ‘my vacation pics’, or ‘a potted palm’; a computer program can only ‘see’ that the webpage is linking to an image file.

For example, let’s say that one of the images mentioned above has the file name: DSC_6400.JPG. The only view that a computer program has of the image is the HTML code, which might look something like this:

<img src="DSC_6400.JPG" />

Based only on the code, the computer program knows that it is dealing with an image <img...>, and might guess that the image is a photo – as JPEG files (using the file extension .JPG), are used in digital cameras – but it can’t tell if this file is the photo of the cup, the West Coast beach, or the plant.

Adding alt text gives a computer program another way of figuring-out what is in the image.

<img src="DSC_6400.JPG" alt="coffee cup" />

Now the computer knows:

The more information you provide about an image, the more ways that a computer program is able to help other people find, or use that image. For example:

Alt text tips

Alternatively known as…

Alt text is commonly, but inaccurately, referred to as an alt tag. For clarification see: elements, tags.

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