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Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI)

Dublin Core is a system for describing/classifying web-based information resources.

This is an extension of the standard metadata protocol: where the content of a webpage is described in terms of a name element (noun) and a content qualifier (adjective), for example:

<meta name="keywords" content="cats, felines, grooming" />

Classification and description core elements

The Dublin Core system comprises of fifteen standard elements. These are commonly grouped as follows;

Content Intellectual Property Instantiation
Coverage Contributor Date
Description Creator Format
Relation Publisher Identifier
Source Rights Language

To identify the metadata as relating to the Dublin Core system, the syntax of the metadata tag is altered slightly; by the addition of the ‘DC’ prefix, e.g.:

<meta name="DC.Publisher" content="Motive Press" />

Related terms: metadata, XML

P.S. the ‘Dublin’ in question is Dublin, Ohio, USA


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