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Email includes text and HTML messages sent across the internet.

HTML email

HTML email is a webpage that is displayed in an email program.

Non-text elements, such as product photographs or logos, are either sent as attachments, or linked to from the email. (In the case of the later, the image files must be uploaded to a location accessible via the web.)

Direct marketing email

HTML email is often the format of choice for direct marketing, as the message can include more sophisticated formatting and layout, including images and rich media (sound, animation, etc.).

The success of this approach however is dependent on how the recipient connects to the internet, and the program they use to send and receive email.

For example:

Some email programs have difficulty displaying (rendering) HTML.

For example an HTML email may take longer to ‘open’ than a text-only email, or result in an email that appears to be ‘broken’ (columns wrapping unexpectedly, images misaligned with captions, body copy aligned-center, etc.).

To avoid compatibility issues, it is recommend to also make a text-only option available to subscribers. This lo-fi option can always link to the HTML version as a webpage.

Gmail Tips

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