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landing page

‘Landing page’ is a generic term for the first page a person sees when linking to a website.

The landing page may be the homepage, but due to the use of search engines, it is increasingly likely to be a content page.

From the perspective of search engine marketing, a landing page contains content designed (optimised) to achieve a high search engine relevancy ranking. (A high relevancy ranking means that the webpage will be listed within the first few pages of a search result.)

Establishing trust

[the person may be] ‘venturing into the unknown’

What makes a landing page unique is the potential for uncertainty in the mind of the user. Each time a person visit a new or unfamiliar website they are effectively ‘venturing into the unknown’.

This uncertainty can be minimised by building web-brand credibility.

For example, if a person is familiar with Amazon, a banner ad promoting a new book available from the Amazon website may be considered a ‘safe-bet’. The person’s prior experience, or awareness of Amazon reduces the need for the landing page to establish trust.

When creating a landing page for a campaign, consider:

Orientation: Helping people figure out ‘where they are’

…any webpage may be the first page viewed.

The concept of a landing page is important to keep in mind when designing a website; any webpage may be the first page viewed.

Clear navigation and way-finding cues can help to orient the (presumably dazed) person to their new surroundings.

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