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The Motive Web Design Glossary


Look-and-feel describes the way that branding and communication messages are reflected the design of a website.

‘Look’ relates to the visual design aspects of a website: type-size, page layout, etc.

‘Feel’ relates to the experience of using a website.
For example, when using a website does a person find it to be friendly, formal, helpful or confusing?

There are similarities between website ‘feel’ and the field of ergonomics. Positive feel is often due to a good fit between what a person is seeking to achieve, and how the website works.

Within the science of human-computer interaction (HCI), feel is often discussed in terms of usability.

Factors contributing to look-and-feel

Look-and-feel is affected by (the combination of):

Related terms: call-to-action, interface, navigation, perceived affordance, usability.


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