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Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a standardised dialect of XML that enables content from one website to be republished (syndicated) by another.

This method is often used to republish news (latest headlines).

RSS information

Unlike traditional syndication (where the full text of an article can be republished), RSS syndication is typically limited to:

Note that different versions of the RSS specification allow for additional fields such as author <dc:creator> and date of publication <dc:date>.

Process of republishing using RSS

  1. The content owner creates a XML document, authored to the RSS specification. This document is published (uploaded) to the web in the same way that a webpage is published. (Each RSS XML document is referred to as a channel.)
  2. The XML document can then be accessed; either directly: using a RSS-aware program (reader); or indirectly: through a website that compiles one or more RSS feed into a single list (aggregator).
  3. From an aggregator’s website, a person can click on a news item to link through to the full article on the content owner’s website.

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