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Points to consider when embarking upon a web project, and web communication reference materials compiled by Motive field agents.

Process guides

Guides on how to approach web projects and commissioning web communication services.

Website design and maintenance

Tips on choosing a website address
Should you name your website after your organisation, product or service? Should you register a dot-co-dot-nz, or dot-com address? Pointers and pitfalls in one handy guide.
Naming website folders and files
Recommendations for naming folders and files, including HTML files (webpages), image files, and PDF and Word documents.
Online payment options (for New Zealand small businesses, SME)
Written with New Zealand small– to medium–sized businesses in mind, this guide provides an introduction to: payment processing; setting up a merchant account; and payment gateways.
Web typography
Specimen screens showing typefaces commonly used in web design, including weights and methods of controlling text size using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).


The Motive Web Design Glossary
Demystifying the jargon of web communication, our glossary includes entries on philosophy, web design concepts, technical standards and technologies.
New Zealand and Pacific search
A directory of general and specialist search engines and directories, with a focus on New Zealand (NZ) and the Pacific.