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Web design brief

Creating a web design brief provides a focus for your website and helps to identify the services you are likely to require from a web communication agency or design firm.

The following information will help us to recommend design and development services.

Organisation profile

Describe your organisation’s:

Peer and partner organisations

Identify other organisations that:

Where available, provide peer and partner organisation website addresses.

Website role

Identify what the website will ‘do’ for each key audience, for example:

Measure of success

What outcomes are desirable as a result of creating a website?

Updating your website

Web standards defined

Find out about web standards and standards-related considerations.

Project constraints

Contact details

Please provide your name and contact details, including a daytime phone number.


Below is a version of the brief that you can download and type into using a word processing program (such as Microsoft Word).

Motive Web Design Brief (Word)


Privacy policy: All information provided to Motive (by any means), will remain in confidence.

Next steps

To arrange a meeting to discuss your brief, please contact Andy Kirkwood.