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Web redesign brief

This brief is intended for organisations seeking to redesign an existing website. Completing the brief will help us to recommend web design and development services.

Organisation profile

Describe your organisation’s:

Current website review

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current website:

Web standards defined

Find out about web standards and standards-related considerations.

Redesign focus

Identify reasons for the website redesign:

Measure of success

What outcomes are desirable as a result of the website redesign?

Updating website content

How do you currently change website content?
For example, do you use FrontPage or Dreamweaver, or do you log-in to the website to make changes?


Which of the following do you require?

Project constraints

Please provide an indication of:

Contact details

Please provide your name and contact details, including a daytime phone number.


Below is a version of the brief that you can download and type into using a word processing program (such as Microsoft Word).

Motive Web Redesign Brief (Word)


Privacy policy: All information provided to Motive (by any means), will remain in confidence.

Next steps

To arrange a meeting to discuss your brief, please contact Andy Kirkwood.