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Design agencies

Partner with us to build compelling online experiences.

Moving brand online

Branding for the web has moved on—from ‘look-and-feel’ to ‘see-and-do’: building online experiences and relationships.

As web veterans we can provide strategic direction when it comes to ‘what works’ on the web.

By taking advantage of our web development services you can engage an audience in new and compelling ways.

Your web standards partner

Tip: Public sector web standards

All NZ public sector web sites are required to comply with the New Zealand Government Web Standards and Recommendations from January 2008.

The standards will affect the design process, as they include: required content, font choice, colour, contrast, etc.
Find out more about the New Zealand Government Web Standards and Recommendations.

Web standards are about making it easier for people to connect with online content, products and services.

We have a working knowledge of industry best practices and standards, such as those set out by the New Zealand Government Web Standards and Recommendations.

Use our expertise to fine-tune page design and information structure.

We can also take care of the technical side of things, from HTML/CSS templates to content management systems.

Web insights

The web has given rise to new ways of learning how people think about a product or service.

Our usability services can get you inside the mind of an audience and suggest ways to maximise the value of an online product or service. This form of analysis is of particular value when redesigning an existing website or online service.

Next steps

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Case studies

New Zealand Parliament usability evaluation

New Zealand Parliament usability evaluation

Web link: We conducted usability evaluation on the New Zealand Parliament website and intranet.

Science IS

Case study: The Science IS website is a professional development tool for New Zealand science teachers. It provides new approaches to science learning and teaching.

Orbit for Kids

Case study: The Orbit for Kids website is the online component for educational publisher Learning Media's Double Takes series.

Services for design agencies

We can provide you with services including:

  • web analysis, strategy and planning
  • information architecture
  • usability evaluation
  • E-Government assessment
  • web style guides
  • code cutting (standards compliant HTML/CSS templates)
  • web development
  • web video production

Our design partners

We’ve worked with design agencies including:


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