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Non-profit organisations

Using the web you can reach and involve a wider audience.

Moving beyond ‘About Us’

The next generation of non-profit organisations are using the web as an active communications channel.

Ideas can be brought to life by encouraging direct participation from stakeholders using tools such as forums and blogs.

With our knowledge of online tools and services we can help you implement a web strategy that makes a difference.

Community building

Getting your message in front of a younger audience means going where they are. Online, this means participating in social networking websites including MySpace and Facebook.

We can help you to take advantage of this new opportunity, including setting up profile pages and creating compelling content such as online video.

Effective event management

Non-profit organisations often use events, such as fund-raisers, seminars and workshops, as part of their communications strategy.

For those wanting to ‘find out more’, an organisation’s website is often the first (and most convenient) port of call.

We can work with you to use your website to profile and manage an event—from advance promotion through to processing reservations and payment.

Next steps

Need a website for your organisation?
See our Web Design Brief.
Are you considering upgrading your current website?
See our Web Redesign Brief.
To arrange a meeting to discuss how your organisation can better use the web.
Contact Andy Kirkwood.

Case studies

Examples of how we’ve worked with non-profit organisations.

Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Case study: The Study UK/USA roadshow provides information for university and high school students looking for offshore study options.

DOCNZ Festival 2009

Web link: We created a custom-built Online Programme CMS to help the DOCNZ Trust reach a wider audience.

Wellington Zoo

Case study: Motive has developed a web communication strategy with Wellington Zoo to take its ecological message to local schools and an international audience.

Services for non-profit organisations

We provide services including:

  • Web analysis, strategy and planning
  • Information architecture
  • Social networking consultancy
  • Website design
  • Event management systems
  • Web video production
  • Presentation design

Our non-profit clients

We’ve worked with non-profit organisations including:

  • Fulbright New Zealand
  • The Documentary New Zealand Trust
  • Enjoy Public Gallery
  • Newtown Residents Association
  • Lighthouse Productions
  • Wellington Zoo